thinking of spring

Thinking of Spring…

Am I going crazy? I haven’t blogged since the fall and it is almost Spring! Well, I am back and excited to give our supporters some updates. It’s been a long, cold winter but if Valentine’s Day was any indication of our hopes for Read More >>

Gifts and Florals for Autumn Have Arrived!

Fall is Coming and Autumn Gifts are Here! It’s not even the end of summer, but school has started and the grocery stores all have fall mums for sale – whatever happened to real four seasons?! At Garden Party, we still feel the summer Read More >>

Fleur de Lis, Flamingos, and Flowers, of Course!

Spring is in the Air and So Are Gifts! Have you seen our pretty pink flamingos gathered in our window? How about our beautiful concrete Fleur de Lis garden ornaments? And let’s not forget that all of the flowers of Spring are here! This Read More >>