Did You Know Cut Tulips Continue to Grow in Water?

Cut Tulips Grow

Have you ever received a floral arrangement with tulips and days later the tulip stems seem to have grown taller? Well, they have! Cut tulips continue to grow up to an inch or more in water. So don’t be afraid to trim the tulips (about 1/2″) as you enjoy the arrangement. A fresh cut on any stem is welcome as it invites more water up the stem and will allow for a longer lasting floral arrangement.

Also, because tulips are phototropic, they grow towards sunlight. This makes occasionally turning your arrangement of tulips a terrific idea so that all of your tulip stems grow straighter together.

And don’t forget to buy tulips while the blooms are still closed. You will have a longer time to enjoy them and watch them slowly grow and open up.

Lastly, it is never a good idea to mix daffodils with tulips. Daffodil stems release a sap that clogs the water uptake of the tulip stems, leaving the tulips unable to drink water.

As always, it is wonderful to receive a beautiful arrangement of flowers or a basket of flowering plants. Just be sure to order from the experts and your money will be well spent!